Thorough inspection of parts upon arrival

we believe that effective communication with suppliers as early as possible will improve the quality of components. All components must be inspected when they are purchased, so as to avoid unnecessary operations and reduce defective rates.

In addition, inspection at the packaging stage should also be thoroughly implemented to produce safer and more secure products.


Improve working efficiency and staff level

Regular weekly learning meetings are held to give full play to employees' skills in the factory, and at the same time, employees are required to learn and master what they are not good at, so that they can have a flexible mind and a broad vision to make better products.

We think hard about how to improve our work efficiency and make recommendations to our clients.


Few employees but better products

As our biggest task, it is to improve work efficiency, but the common sense is that more people can produce more goods. We are challenging to reduce the number of employees to improve production efficiency and establish a management system different from other factories.

Cut down expenses and reduce the cost

Reduce costs by improving efficiency,try to offer better product。Please give us more advice and work together for win-win cooperation


Create a smiling workplace

All of our staff are very careful to create a bright and clean workplace, in a clean and tidy environment to achieve zero defective products.